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The art of accordion improvisation

Jovan Pavlovic has tapped into a unique artistic expression of the accordion through an unusual combination of elements of jazz, classical and traditional folk music in his work. His virtuosity sets new standards for today’s accordion performance. The elegant improvisations, as well as a sliding through musical phrases that are characteristic of Jovan’s music, have opened up a previously undiscovered world of accordion performance, enhancing what we experience as listeners.

Jovan takes us on a memorable journey through World music with his creative approach heard in rhythm, harmonies and in lyrical improvisation. His virtuosity comes out boldly in solo projects, where he spices up accordion music by incorporating modern sound technology in his compositions.

A passion for the accordion was born into his life at the age of five, when an evening broadcast of an accordion performance left his entranced. His little fingers worked quickly in the air to imitate the musician on screen. His parents noticed he would do this every time music played, and so they bought him his first accordion. The small Weltmeister became Jovan’s first closest friend.

His early musical education began amidst the backdrop of late 80’s and early 90’s in Belgrade. A deep drive and an incredible talent paved the way for artistic achievement and awards, both at home and abroad. Jovan was the four-time number one recipient of the prestigious Best Performer award in Classical Music for a national accordion competition.

In 1994, Jovan auditioned for the Norwegian Music Conservatory in Trondheim, gaining a full scholarship which would allow him to pursue a blossoming love and passion for world music, folk and jazz. It pushed Jovan’s artistic expression to the fullest and enabled him to develop his own unique sound. He also began to compose, arrange and produce music for many bands and orchestras, among which are the Trondheim Symphonic and Jazz Orchestra, as well as the Norwegian Army band, where he performed as a soloist and represented Norway at many festivals. In his fruitful musical career, Jovan collaborated with many International Jazz and Folk artists such as Marius Neset (NOR), Bojan Zulfikarpasic (SER/FRA), Ivo Papazov (BUL) and Stian Carstensen (NOR).

In November 2020 Jovan has received Trondheim's prestigious culture award"Artist of the City of Trondheim".

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November 4,2020

Incredibly grateful and humbled to have received the Trondheim municipality's "City artist award"året-22935304.ece